OU Kosher Products

Tulkoff Food Products is proud to supply customers with Orthodox Union kosher certified products!

Kosher products have been at the center of our family tradition. Since 1959, Tulkoff Food Products have been manufacturing products through the Orthodox Union. We continue our long-standing commitment to the industry by abiding to strict the OU’s certified manufacturing practices. The OU is an organization that qualifies food as kosher and is considered to be the world leader in kosher certification.

Kosher manufacturing practices include reviewing and approving all raw materials that make up a product supervised by a rabbinical authority so that it follows Jewish dietary law. Tulkoff offers a variety of products for industrial, food service and retail that carry the patented and trademarked OU logo, and offer services to certify and register products deemed kosher for co-pack and private label customers. For more information about the Orthodox Union, visit www.ou.org.