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Tulkoff Featured in The Washington Post

Baltimore’s Tulkoff Savors Delight of Hustling Horseradish

April 1, 1985
You might say that Sol Tulkoff owes his success to his roots.Tulkoff’s Horseradish Products Co. Inc., which began 60 years ago as a fruit and vegetable store run by Tulkoff’s father and mother, is now a multimillion-dollar food-processing plant, grating 20 to 40 tons of horseradish roots a day and churning out thousands of cases of sauces and processed herbs daily at its 21-acre site here.

“It may be horseradish to you, but it’s my bread and butter,” said the relentlessly promotional, 60-year-old Tulkoff, who sports a tiger-skin blazer and matching tie when he touts his product at trade shows, factory tours and in interviews.

The tiger has been the company’s official mascot since Tulkoff returned home after World War II, during which he fought in Europe in the 802nd Tank Battalion. Its symbolic mascot was a tiger crushing a German tank. “When I returned, I said we have to put tiger into the product line.” So Tulkoff’s created Tiger Sauce, a horseradish-mayonnaise sauce, which has become the company’s second-biggest seller, after its traditional horseradish blend.

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