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Korean Roast Beef Wrap

“We went through our Spicy Kimchi Aioli sample in 2 ½ days. We have about 12 other sauces at our deli and we did a featured sandwich (Korean Roast Beef Wrap) and several people came back 3 days in a row for the same sandwich.  Sometimes the name Kimchi can throw people off, so we just let people try and it and they simply LOVED it. We are reaching out to our distributor to begin stocking this item.”

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time





1 10 inch Tomato basil tortilla

1/2 cup Spinach

2 oz Provolone cheese

3 oz Roast Beef

3 slices Tomato

Tulkoff Spicy Kimchi Aioli 


In the middle of tortilla, place spinach, cheese, roast beef, and tomato slices. In a back and forth motion, squirt Kimchi Aioli overall ingredients.

Fold two sides of wrap inward, then roll tightly from long end of tortilla, ending seam side down.

Cut on a bias and serve!