Privacy Policy

Tulkoff Food Products, Inc.

Effective: May 28, 2008


Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. values the privacy and respects the security of your personal information. Please read the following privacy policy carefully as it details how we gather our information on (“Site”).

When accessing or using the pages within this Site, including but not limited to content, services, and software provided, you agree to be bound by this privacy as well as the terms and conditions. When changes are made to the privacy policy or terms and conditions, they will be posted on this Site and the date effective will change.

Use of Cookies and Information Provided by Visitors

“Cookies” are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer. Cookies allow us to enhance and personalize your online browsing Cookies collected do not contain personal information about you. Tulkoff only collects information about you when this information is provided to us in including but not limited to, the contact us form, the email list serve form, and the recipe form, (“Submissions”). You are able to determine what information you want to input into these forms however when inputting information into these forms you are agreeing to input at a minimum your name and email address as well as giving us permission to use this information in the future. Tulkoff will not sell the information you input for commercial use however when inputting the information, you are agreeing to allow us to use this information internally for company use. Tulkoff uses use cookies to recognize that you are logged into the document section of the Site when visiting other areas within the Site. Cookies are also used within the Administrative portion of the website to recognize that you are logged in when visiting other areas.

Email Newsletters

If you are over the age of 13, some of our pages permit you to register to receive e-mail newsletters or updates in the future by providing your e-mail address. Any e-mail you receive from Tulkoff will allow you to change your preference or “unsubscribe” from this informational service at any time. At the bottom of each promotional email, there is a link stating “Click here to change or remove your subscription”. Clicking that link will lead to a page where you can immediately remove your subscription. When signing up for email newsletters, you are granting us permission to send you promotional information.

Job Applications

Tulkoff will use the information submitted in on-line job applications for the sole purpose of filling the specific position applied for by the applicant. After this position is filled, we will retain the information submitted for the period of time required by applicable law. During this retention period, the application will be considered inactive, and the applicant will be considered for other positions only if he/she submits an additional application for those specific positions. Tulkoff will not release information submitted in on-line job applications to third parties except to appropriate governmental authorities when such release is required by law.

If there are any questions concerning our privacy policy, please write to us at:

Tulkoff Food Products, Inc.
Attn: Website Department
2229 Van Deman Street
Baltimore, MD 21224