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Quick and Easy Calamari

This simple, yet delectable dish will be sure to leave your taste buds satisfied!

Prep Time

5 Minutes

Cook Time

7 Minutes




12 oz. fresh calamari (rings and tentacles)
3 oz. white wine
3 oz. heavy cream
¼  oz. anchovy paste
1 oz. olive oil
¼  oz. Tulkoff Chopped Garlic in Water
¼  oz. parsley, chopped
pinch of hot pepper flakes
to taste, salt and pepper


Over medium high heat, heat oil in sauté pan. Add calamari and cook for 2 minutes. Remove calamari from pan; set aside. Add garlic to the pan until golden brown; deglaze with white wine. Add heavy cream and anchovy paste to the pan and reduce by half. Add red pepper flakes and calamari; cook for about 3 minutes, or until hot. Salt and pepper to taste; serve over grilled sliced bread.