Industrial Food Ingredients & Sauces

We manufacture superior quality ingredients so our customers can develop their very best products. As a supplier we provide formulation expertise and offer industrial ingredient solutions to a broad range of major, national and international food manufacturers, local and national foodservice operations and distributors across the world.

Our core food ingredients consist of Horseradish, Garlic, Ginger and specialty food products, in a variety of industrial sized packaging to accommodate a manufacturers processing environments.

  • Horseradish, various grind sizes, pH levels, salt content, and nutritional claims to cater to custom formulas
  • Garlic, chopped, pureed, in oil, in water and roasted
  • Ginger Puree
  • Specialty food products
  • Our foodservice product line is available for industrial packing

Tulkoff’s dedicated product development team provides application support to ensure that our customers choose the right ingredient the first time through a streamlined process of research and food science.

Looking for a custom ingredient?  Tulkoff offers co-pack services for customers looking for a more specific and defined ingredient.  To learn more, visit our co-pack page.

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