Green Initiatives

Tulkoff aims to be environmentally responsible throughout the manufacturing process.

Baltimore, MD Headquarters

Tulkoff’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland, was built in 2008, taking into account green practices. Tulkoff made a conscious effort to use building materials that would decrease thermal load and reduce the heat island effect found in many urban cities. A continuous flow process was implemented to reduce energy consumption and warehouse storage areas were designed to decrease energy lost to the atmosphere. Tulkoff participates in a recycling program that includes recycling office materials as well as packaging from the manufacturing process.

Continued Efforts

As a continued effort in 2010, Tulkoff upgraded the lighting throughout the facility to more energy efficient fixtures. Warehouse lighting now features motion detectors so lighting is only used when the area is occupied. Tulkoff’s east coast division also participates in the EneNoc electrical demand program, where we shut down during peak power usage. This allows for better energy management throughout the community.

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In 2015, Tulkoff partnered with the Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI) of Maryland to participate in an Energy Efficiency Project. Under this program, Tulkoff representatives attend monthly RMI leadership meetings to share experiences with other companies on energy conservations, and has formed an internal Green Team to observe, promote and correct energy inefficiencies in the facility.

Tulkoff is also a member of the Maryland Green Registry, promoting itself as a sustainability leader in the community.