Consumer Questions:

  • Where can I buy your products? 
    • Unfortunately, there are very few retail locations that carry our products, we mostly supply industrial and foodservice locations. Since we do not sell to the stores directly, we aren’t aware of what store will be carrying it.
    • The good news is, you can purchase a selection of our products directly from Tulkoff, via our online store here. All proceeds benefit Valor Service Dogs, our charity of choice! 

Foodservice Questions:

  • How do I obtain allergen information about your products?
    • All allergen information per product can be found on the product page.
  • Are your products Gluten Free/Non-GMO/Organic?
  • Can I freeze your products?
    • We do not recommend freezing our products. It will affect the overall taste and flavor, instead please keep refrigerated between 33-40 degrees for optimum quality.
  • How do I read a Julian Date?
    • Julian dates look like this: 7178M or 7178C
      • 1st digit is the year, next 3 digits are the day of the year. You need a Julian calendar to determine the calendar day from the Julian date.
      • M indicates it was manufactured in Tulkoff’s Maryland plant and C indicates the product was manufactured in our Cincinnati, OH location.
      • The above example would translate to the product being manufactured on 6/27/2017 in Maryland.
  • How do I purchase direct from Tulkoff?
    • In order to purchase direct, the minimum pickup requirement is 500 lbs. For delivered, the minimum is 1,000 lbs. Contact us at Info@Tulkoff.com for more information.

Delivery Questions:

  • How do I get to Tulkoff Food Products?
    • Click here for directions to our Baltimore, MD facility.
  • Does Tulkoff Food Products have multiple locations?
    • Yes, Tulkoff headquarters is location in Baltimore, MD. We have a second facility in Cincinnati, OH.
  • What are your Receiving/Shipping hours?
    • 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday-Friday
  • Do you allow overnight parking for trucks?
    • Yes, in our driveway outside of the shipping gates.
  • Can your dock support a 53-foot trailer?
    • Yes
  • What is the Refrigerated Temperature for the trucks?
    • Trucks should be set and maintain a refrigerated temperature of 33 – 40 degrees.