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TFP expands emulsion capacity by 300% across company


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Baltimore, MD (January 2020) – Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. has expanded production capacity by integrating a custom mixing and emulsifying system for flavored mayonnaise, aioli’s, dressings, specialty sauces and ingredients. The 95-year-old company continues to invest in their 10-year-old custom-built food manufacturing facility located in Baltimore, MD. 

The new high-capacity mixing vessels reduce processing times and increase yields, while segregation of mixing and storage systems allow for greater flexibility and scheduling optimization. Fully CIP-able, this system is designed to maintain the facility’s utmost commitment to sanitary practices. 

The core expansion added two variable-speed 600-gallon Scott Turbon Dixie Mixers and associated components to Tulkoff‘s fleet of food processing equipment. This latest addition will increase shear-mixing capacity by over 200% and new Feldmeier buffer tanks increased WIP storage capacity by 100%. The new all stainless-steel mixers are paired with an Axiflow Twin Screw pump and Admix MayoMill, allowing for a wide range of applied shear rates and flows. This expanded setup provides Tulkoff the flexibility to produce a wide range of mixed, blended and emulsified products. 

Further enhancing the company’s bi-coastal offerings and maintaining consistency across plants, Tulkoff’s West coast facility also added emulsion capabilities. A Waukesha colloid mill gives the Pittsburg, CA facility the ability to offer superior quality emulsion products. These additional capabilities further demonstrate Tulkoff Food Product’s commitment to serving customer’s needs while providing the best value in products and logistics. 

About Tulkoff- Tulkoff Food Products, Inc. is a fourth-generation, family owned manufacturer of condiments, specialty sauces and ingredients. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with a second facility in Pittsburg, California, Tulkoff produces over 400 unique items at their SQF certified facilities for retail, foodservice, private label, co-pack and industrial clients nationwide. Tulkoff’s product selection includes: horseradish, garlic, ginger, pesto, seafood sauces, flavored butters, assorted aiolis and custom sauces.  





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